About us


Eleanor is a graphic designer with a love for beautiful content that communicates effectively. She’s finicky about getting things right, likes working on things that make the world better, and thinks websites should always be easy to navigate. Her background in fine arts and educational publishing help her make things look they way they are supposed to – always clear, easy to follow, and harmonious. Eleanor has a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a photography major, and a post-graduate Diploma in Graphic Design. Her core values include: accessibility, equality, and just generally not being a jerk.


Ed’s the guy that will turn your great ideas into living, breathing websites (living and breathing not guaranteed). He’s also the guy who will explain technical things to you without being patronising, to help you to get the most out of your site. He likes code that works, and websites you can actually use without some sort of advanced degree in website management. He has a wide range of experience in both government and non-profit work. When he’s not at the computer he is doing karate, playing the clarinet, or making film and theatre.